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Flavor Serendipity
12:22 p.m. - 2009-01-22

The husband has told me that he must be a little allergic to cinnamon since it makes his lips burn, etc etc. I was thinking that this would put a crimp in my cooking style since I put cinnamon in a lot of baked goods, not to mention yummy cinnamon bread. Because of his situation, I have started using nutmeg in a lot of things instead of the cinnamon, and by gumbo, it is really delicious. For example, the oatmeal cake that I have started making is just scrumptious made with nutmeg and cloves. I think the oatmeal cake is a great recipe because it uses all whole grains, only a smidge of fats, tastes great, and is unfailingly moist. The texture was reminding me of a brownie, which made me think that maybe I could alter the recipe to be chocolate, so I am going to try that today.

At my church lady group on Wednesday, we were talking about the drought, and one of the ladies said she thought it might rain that day. We all laughed because we have had such a long run of sunny dry weather that we have stopped believing in rain. However, she was correct, and it poured last night and is raining today. Hopefully it is snowing tons up in the mountains since that is where our water comes from.

I am enjoying the Netflix I got for Christmas. I like having the movies I picked out turn up in the mailbox with no effort on my part. Today I am due to get 'Enchanted' which the girls told me was pretty good. So far my picks have been OK, and I am looking forward to getting far enough down on the list to start getting the TV series I ordered, like Eureka. In other DVD news, I got Martin Chuzzlewit out of the library and enjoyed it very very much. School attendance has given me the habit of avoiding classic literature whenever I can, so I confess to never having even heard of this book by Charles Dickens. The book, which I looked up on Gutenberg Project, has some hilarious parts very insulting to the USA of the 1840s, and the story is very good too. The BBC production, a miniseries, was wonderfully cast and very enjoyable.

Now I am off to do my usual tons of laundry and sew on the dotty tote, and I may even turn the heel on the second brown Woolease man sock.

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