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7:45 p.m. - 2009-02-07

I went to a movie today in an actual theater. About a month ago I was going through a stack of clippings and such, and I found some envelopes containing birthday cards to me from some year gone by, and one card had $$$ in it from the inlaws which I snatched up and squirreled away, and one had a bunch (6) of gift certs to the local movie theater. I guess I should be more careful with my birthday cards. Anyhow, the spouse and I went to see Taken, and I loved it and so did he. Nobody even remotely bad survived unscathed in that movie, and it also had lots of not too subtle things to say about stupid permissive parents and stupid deceptive teenagers. An afternoon well spent!

I finally got a sweater onto the machine and have finished the two fronts with cables and lace panel up the center front. Tomorrow I will make the first sleeve or maybe the back.

This morning I went to the booksale out in Lafayette, but I only spent a dollar on 4 videos. I remember when videos first appeared on the market and some people I knew bought some at the then price of $79.95. Now I get them 4 for a dollar at the booksale. I got Amadeus, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, some exercise tape, and Sleepless In Seattle. On the drive to the sale, I saw the first daffodils in bloom this year.

I still have a freezer full of pesto, regular basil pesto and sundried tomato pesto. In an effort to make sure it all gets used, I am going to make a big pizza tomorrow and some calzones for the freezer to take to Stitches. Or maybe I will just watch a movie and knit on the Monkey sock.

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