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Knitting, Sewing, and Planning
11:51 a.m. - 2009-03-08

Spring has sprung. My seed order hasn't arrived yet, so I don't have to start doing garden stuff until it's here.

I washed the blue cardigan and it softened up very nicely. I haven't hung the cafe cardigan on the machine yet, but I should do that today. I am also knitting on the Monkey sock and approaching the toe of the first sock. Melissa says the pattern was easy to memorize, but I can't seem to memorize it at all and have to slavishly look at the chart.

In sewing news, I made a new cover for the ironing board to save myself about $20 buying one from the store. I used some decorator weight fabric with a blue background and brown polka dots. I used the old cover as the padding, and just attached the new fabric to the old cover, which sounds easy but was really difficult. The old cover had great assets like elastic around it and velcroed straps on the under side to hold it tight, but it was hard sewing the new fabric to something with an elasticized edge. I put the old one back on the ironing board and pinned the new fabric all around the edge, then took it off and sewed it. I ended up with some pin injuries, but the new cover looked great. Only cost me $1.50 to make.

After I finished that, I made a new tablecloth with some rainbow striped fabric that is really bright and cheerful.

Abby wants to have a lunch for the EG's over at her apartment on the peninsula sometime next month, so we will be picking them up and driving them over. They should enjoy seeing her apartment and having a nice visit. The only difficult thing will be getting them up those stairs to the front door, but if they take it slow and we have one person in front and one behind as spotters, they should be fine. It should be really fun for them (and us).

Time to go watch more Eureka episodes.

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