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Dreaming of Squirrel Armageddon
10:12 a.m. - 2009-03-20

Well, I have been knitting a lot and working on various projects, and hoping for sunny weather. I have a plan to start lots of lettuce in little pots and see if I can get them big enough to eat, since if I plant them in the ground they get all full of earwigs and slugs, which, as you can imagine, is muy appetizing. The spouse is trying to dig the main garden bed even bigger, since he wants to grow more food this year, though how this will work out with the pending drought restrictions is anyone's guess. Doesn't hurt to try, though. The squirrels have emerged from their winter rest huge and frisky. I must get the slingshot I got for Christmas and do some target practice, and also I need to go to the nature store and ask about a feeder for them. If I provide their food, maybe they will stay out of my trees and not ruin this year's crop of apples, the mangy varmints, though evil thoughts of putting poison in their feeder does flit through my mind. I would have a lot less problems if I was a mean squirrel killer, but c'est la vie.

I finished knitting the pieces for the cafe cardigan, but haven't started putting it together yet. I got sidetracked on the lavender cardigan, which I am assembling now. I just set in the first sleeve. After I finish these two, I am going to make a jacket in red with garter borders and a slightly shaped front with cutaway corners, like on my vests. For some reason, the red yarn is heavier than the other colors, so I had to draft a whole new pattern and fuss with the tension settings. I also finished the first Monkey sock. I am not enjoying the Monkey sock knitting, since I seem incapable of memorizing the pattern, so have to follow the chart. I also can't tell where I am in the pattern so I have to finish one whole repeat before setting it down, which lends an element of 'dreaded homework' to the whole enterprise. Oh well, I have already started the second sock and it will go faster than the first, because they always do.

I had to go with my dad to see his financial guy, and it was yet another example of how small the world is. When the guy asked where my husband worked, we discovered that the lady that works for the spouse is the finance guy's aunt. This sort of thing is always happening to the spouse, but very rarely happens to me, though I guess that technically this happened to the spouse too. Anyhow, after that chore was done, I came home and tried to watch a Bollywood movie, Nikki and Neal, which was way way too cutesy, then The Raincoat, which was way way too depressing, so I think I will give up on Indian movies until I hear that one is good. I usually fast forward through the dance sequences, though one must admit that the actresses are incredibly beautiful and the colors are wonderful.

Today I have to do my exercises, and I have to bake some rolls. I am starting to feel that this low cholesterol regime can sometimes get me down, since I would love to eat something greasy like six or seven hamburgers with fries and onion rings. And Spam, and a box of chocolates. Well, time to go eat my oatmeal.

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