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11:49 a.m. - 2009-04-13

Well, I am nearing two weeks of sickdom, while watching the husband come down with the same malady, then bounce back and wake up feeling pretty good today while I am still coughing my guts out. Life is not fair. Anyhow, the reason the whole 'sick' thing was so annoying was that I had things to do this last week, and had a deadline for getting better. A deadline I missed. I missed my dad's birthday party, I missed Easter dinner with the EG's et al. I missed Easter at church. We had to come up with complicated schedules to get the Easter dinner over to Melissa's new place, to drive the EGs over there, etc. But I hear it all went very well. Melissa sent us over care packages of good Easter food, so at least we got to eat it.

I have been knitting on a sock while lazing around watching DVDs and doing laundry and coughing. I can only knit a little at time, so this Sockotta sock is taking forever. Abby was here this weekend for the Easter festivities, and she approved the sock color. I still have not started sewing together the cafe cardigan, but hopefully health is right around the corner and I will get my energy back.

I think I am going to start getting the seeds into their soil cubes tomorrow. I was complaining to the spouse that I was tired of being hunched over the deck benches while doing the seed starting, and asked him to move the patio table out to the grass for me to work on, a suggestion he wasn't crazy about. The very next day, he returned from Melissa's place with the excellent potting bench that came with her house, which I had forgotten was promised to me since she doesn't do gardening. It is now waiting for me on the deck, the perfect height, very handsome and sturdy. It will make the seed starting so much easier. The spouse was alarmed when I set it on the deck, saying that he didn't want my potting soil all over the deck. I laughed when he said that, as my mind remembered the countless times I have trashed the deck with potting soil and hosed it off before he came home from work. What he doesn't see won't hurt him.

I am starting to feel the urge to sew returning. Abby brought me her best fitting shirt so that I can measure it and use those measurements to fit a classic 3/4 sleeve shirt for her to wear to work.

I have some books from the library and some DVDs too, so maybe some more lazing around and resting is in my immediate future. Cough, cough.

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