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Springtime Chores
11:19 a.m. - 2009-04-23

Almost well now. This week has been cheered up by the viewing of the Susan Boyle youtube video, which I made sure the husband watched, too. I also enjoyed the Stavros Flatly video from the same show. That British show seems to be much more fun than American Idol. I have also finally begun the seed starting, and plan to do a flat a day. A flat will hold up to 50 seed cubes, so pretty soon I will have lots of plants started for the garden. I am also going to try and grow a lot more lettuce this year, but I am going to grow them in my pots in the cold frame, which is up off the ground, so that they don't end up full of appetizing slugs and earwigs. New items for this year are shallots and Thai basil.

We had a short stretch of unseasonable hot days in the 90's, and I was pleased that the AC went on without any trouble. We are back to nice cool weather now, but it is nice to have a long stretch of dry weather to set the fruit.

Not much on my calendar for today except to make a cake, start the flat of seeds, and the never ending laundry.

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