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Hungry Husband
5:16 p.m. - 2009-04-25

The spouse came home famished from work yesterday. I had made an upsidedown cake (peach/blueberry) that was cooling on a rack, and he hacked off a huge chunk and ate that right away. Dinner followed immediately, and he ate three tostadas piled with beans, lettuce, cheese and salsa. Then I found him in the kitchen with the bowl of leftover shredded lettuce, topping it with the tuna salad he found in a bowl in the fridge, polished that off, and then ate another piece of cake. I hope he is not skipping his lunch while he is in the office.

I finished the first rainbow Sockotta sock, but the second sock is progressing slowly. I am starting to fix up the pattern for a series of blouses for Abby. She wants regular dress shirts with 3/4 sleeves since the shorter length is more convenient in the lab. I have measured her best blouse and have dug through lots of boxes of patterns to pull out blouse and shirt patterns that could work. Once you get a shirt body that fits, you can change the sleeves, collar, and other design features any way you want to. I ended up finding some patterns I had forgotten about for myself, too.

The spouse dug up the center large garden plot today, digging up my large sage plant which is presently in full bloom with pretty purple spikes of flowers. He transplanted it to a place in front of the shed near a patch of blooming orange poppies. It doesn't look like the rosemary he transplanted last year survived the winter, but that's OK, there is still one growing near the deck. Oregano has seeded itself all over the place and is coming up between the bricks. There is a big article in the paper today about the trend toward 'Urban Homesteading' with people growing food in their yards. The spouse showed it to me with a laugh - "We've been doing that for 20 years" he said.

They finished the renovations to the Costco which include a big garden center. I went in to see it briefly, but the items were very expensive. I was the only one to think so, though, since most everyone had carts full of garden stuff. They also got rid of the recently installed handicap parking on the row with the center pathway (my favorite place to park) and moved it closer to the front entrance, so that is good because it makes more spaces available in my favorite row.

Saturday afternoon was spent on 4 errands to Costco, library, Food4Less, and the post office. When I returned, I discovered that another DVD of Midsomer Murders has arrived from Netflix, so I am going to go watch that now.

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