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Graduation Weekend
3:04 p.m. - 2009-05-24

Things got pretty busy around here for awhile, but now we are back to the usual spring chores. The garden is coming along nicely, and we have already planted sugar snap peas, beets, beans, and cucumbers. And lots of squash. I am still battling those blankety blank squirrels who seem more numerous by the day. I am afraid that the 'cuteness' factor of squirrels has completely worn off for me, and when I see one squished in the road, I feel a little glad.

Last week I spent several afternoons in the spouse's office manning the switchboard. When he told me that their receptionist was out sick, several more people were on vacation, and that they wanted me to go in to help out for a few days, I was picturing an old-fashioned kind of switchboard where you stick tube thingies into the board and wear earphones. The spouse laughed when I asked about that, telling me I was about 60 years out of date and that science had marched on. Sure enough, the phone bank whatchamacallit was very user friendly, and I was at ease with it in no time. I have to say that the switchboard/receptionist lady gets to hear lots of good office gossip because for some reason the people in that office like to stand around the front desk and talk.

Yesterday we went to the graduation ceremony for my niece who is now an RN. This is quite an accomplishment, and we were all proud of her. After that, we had to go over to the EGs for an informal get together since my nephew is out visiting for his delayed honeymoon. This was very pleasant except that the buffet dinner was completely eaten up when we got there, so that much later, after we left, we had to stop and get Hawaiian BBQ since we were starving.

Since we were gone most of yesterday, I forgot that I had three DVDs due at the library, but lucky for me, since the fines are $1 a day, I logged on to get my email and saw the reminder letter from the library in time to race over there and stuff the DVDs into the return bin before the library opened. They are not overdue until the library is opened, because they don't know if you stuffed them in there today or last night.

I am making pizza for Sunday dinner because I have only a few months to use up all that pesto.

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