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Moving Right Along
3:46 p.m. - 2009-05-29

Now that a little paycheck happiness has come our way, the spouse wanted to go shopping. I had been telling him that his shirts were falling apart, mostly at the collar points, and he wanted me to get some new blue jeans. Off we went to Penneys, and he found some nice shirts on sale, and I found some Lee jeans. The jeans were daughter approved, something that doesn't always happen. I know that people sneer at Mom jeans (the kind with big pockets and elastic at the top) but moms do need to be comfortable during the trying kid years. The less things to annoy you means the less chance that you will fly off the handle and pulverize everyone in the house on one of those aggravating days that are, of course, everyone else's fault.

Every morning now I go out and work in the garden. I have the center bed all planted and am working on the side, large bed. It will have beans, onions, squash (to climb up the rose bush), collards, turnips, and basil. I have never grown turnips, or ever even cooked it, but I am willing to try something new.

UPDATE: When asked his opinion of my plan to plant turnips, the spouse told me he hates them, so I pulled up the poor little sprouts and planted something else, namely cabbages.

Last night we tried something new for dinner. Melissa says that the Trader Joe's meatless corn dogs are pretty good. I was dubious, but I made a lot of good potato salad to fill us up in case they were a flop, and fed them to the spouse. Surprisingly, he approved of them. I think they are soy or something, but the texture was pretty hot doggish, and the flavor was not bad.

I am still working on the recipe for the cooked salad dressing that I got out of a wartime cookbook from the Heinz company. Since it is milk based and has very little fat, I like to make up a batch and mix it with about 1/3 to 1/2 real mayo to make the potato salad not quite such a fat and calorie bomb. I cut back the sugar quite a bit and add a little tumeric, onion powder, and garlic powder. These are just trace amounts, you can't really tell they are there, but they give it more of a mayonnaise taste. I think that the mixture of real mayo and cooked dressing is better tasting than the reduced fat mayo in a jar.

I am turning the heel on the green sock now, so should go watch my movie and get it done.

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