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Rain In June???
5:59 p.m. - 2009-06-04

We are supposed to be having a rainy week, but so far there were only a few sprinkles last night. The weather is nice and cool, and the allergy season is officially over. Not that it really is over, it is just that I tell the spouse that he can have the windows open on the first of June, and he looks forward to it. He does not like to have the house all closed up when the weather is nice, but then I do not want to sneeze constantly for three months either.

Every morning I go out and work in the yard for awhile, but the time is approaching when I will have everything planted and will only have to water once in awhile. After the morning tour of the garden, I come back inside and start some project or other. Today I was tracing the shirt pattern and reading up how to do various alterations to the fit. In the old days the patterns only came in one size, so you did not have to trace off the one you wanted. I suppose that you could just cut the extra cutting lines off, but I may need the pattern in a different size in the future, so I have to trace it off. Today for the first time I used a handy little gadget that has two wheels on it, and by running it along the cutting line, you automatically mark the seam line. Very nifty.

I have made a good start on the second Red Heart sock. The other sock still needs the toe grafted, but we are having overcast days and the light has just not been strong enough to graft it yet. On sunny days, the light comes in so strongly through the bedroom drapes that it is the perfect time to do finicky work, while sitting up in bed, of course. I save my toe grafting for these pleasant mornings.

Tonight for dinner I am trying a new lentil soup recipe from The Supper Book by Marion Cunningham. It has you just add two cups of salsa to the soup mixture, and it is pretty good, though maybe a might spicy. I hear the spouse coming home from work, so I better go dish up the supper.

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