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Almost July
11:36 p.m. - 2009-06-28

We have been working very hard in our Victory Garden and are just harvesting the first crops. So far we have had a salad of our own lettuce, some cucumbers, and one beet. There are also some zuchinis but I haven't cooked them yet. I still have plenty of plants to set out, but it is too hot to move, let alone work in the garden.

We had a nice little jaunt up the coast last week because the spouse needed a break from all the drama in the office. We headed up to Eureka, where we spent part of our honeymoon many years ago. The town really looks much better these days, though we were sad to find that Lazio's is long gone. I was always fond of Lazio's because it was there that I first said the words "my husband" when I was answering some woman who asked who I was waiting for. We went to several beaches which were exceedingly beautiful, and we visited some of the neighboring towns, including Arcata, where my sister used to live. I bought a lot of vintage patterns at various antique stores, including a man's shirt pattern that was just what I was looking for. We came home to hot weather. It was about 101 today, but it should start slowly cooling down tomorrow. I hope the fog starts to come back in, because it doesn't matter how hot the days are if the nights are cool.

I am knitting on a pair of darker green socks with a lace pattern. In constrast to my daughter, I am not much of a happy chart user, but I am trying to expand my repertoire of abilities. The sock is growing very slowly.

I found some of the cotton knits I was saving to make myself some T-shirt tops, so maybe I will cut some out to get sewing again. I am working on the patterns for the Abby shirts and need to sew up a muslin, so tomorrow I will start that project.

It is still too hot to do anything, so I think I will go sit in front of the fan and read a book.

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