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7:25 a.m. - 2009-07-10

This is shaping up to be the Week Of Errands. I seem to be running out every morning to get this or take care of that. Today I have to stay in, though, since it is time to make the pickle relish for next year. It is amazingly easy to make relish now that we have food processors. I chop up the cucumbers, peppers, and onions and soak them in a salt water solution. A few hours later, I drain them and put a pot of vinegar, spices and sugar on to boil. In goes the veggies, cook 10 minutes, and done. I don't can mine, I just freeze it. I also have two big boxes of apples to make into sauce.

My MIL is planning a big party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my BIL and wife. I am going to make the cakes. My BIL has a favorite cake - a chocolate-whipped-cream-filled angel food cake. And since the wife should have something she likes, too, I am going to make an angel food cake with raspberry filling and frosted with whipped cream. A Bride Cake and a Groom Cake.

The cafe cardigan is finally getting assembled. The shoulders are together and the neckband is nearly complete. I love the color very much, a rich cream-in-your-coffee color that is anything but dull. Current food colors that I have in my wardrobe: butter yellow, raspberry-and-cream pink, cafe-au-lait brown, pesto green, pumpkin orange. The green lace socks are progressing very very slowly. It is really hard to knit from a chart when most of your knitting is done in front of the TV screen. I'll just have to put on more books-on-tape to see if that will speed things up.

My latest book-on-tape was a suspense/romance called 'Left To Die'. I wasted all those hours listening to the search for a serial killer only to have the story be a cliffhanger to be completed in the next book. Bummer, a total gyp. The library does not have the next book yet, so the chances of my remembering the story by the time the next book is available are slim to none.

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