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Hot Indian Summer
3:43 p.m. - 2009-09-27

The last two weeks have been very hot, but because it is almost October, the nights are mostly cool. The weather guy says that it should start to cool down on Monday, and I hope he is right. This week has been very busy, with a trip to the airport to pick up my sister and niece, who were returning from a graduation trip to Italy, a quick, sort of, trip to the doctor with my father, and the start of the women's group at church.

I thought it was fun driving into the night to the airport. I was all alone, driving to the San Francisco airport, going the back way across the San Mateo Bridge through Burlingame. I know the best place to park there to pick up someone flying with Delta, but just as I got to the airport it occurred to me that they were on an international flight, and at SFO international is an entirely different building with its own parking lot. I parked in the international labyrinth, and I had a brief conversation with a young guy at the elevators who was also studying the map, and we both expressed our doubt at every finding our car again. I tried to memorize my route as best I could. I ended up at the Delta counter, only to be told that even international flights for Delta come in over at Domestic. Now I had to decide whether or not to try and go back to my car to drive to the correct garage, possibly getting lost, or to take the Airtrain to the domestic terminal and try to remember where my car was. I chose the latter. I got to the arrival area with 10 minutes to spare, and we retraced my steps, finding the car with only a few minor missteps. I was proud of myself.

I have been sewing a few aprons, which is fun and fast to do. Now I am making another knit top for myself and trying to decide on the next Year of Abby project to start. I haven't felt like knitting for a few months now since it has been beastly hot, and with me, the enthusiam for certain activities will last for awhile, then I will ignore that area while I do something else. We are due to have new windows put in in the sewing room and the living room this fall, so that upheaval is hanging over my head. I am looking forward to emptying out the sewing room, though, since I might find some long lost treasures.

I have been terrible about my exercising this year, probably because of the stress surrounding the economy and our budget. Things are back on course now, so I need to get back to the weights. It is ironic that when stressed I don't feel like moving much, since the exercise helps you handle stress better, they say.

At least the new TV shows have started. So far I have seen Flash Forward and that new funny family show on Wednesday whose name escapes me. Both were pretty good, but not fantastic.

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