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Stormy Tuesday
5:57 p.m. - 2009-10-13

A big storm is winding down here in the sunshine state. Well, I realize that 3 to 4 inches is not very impressive in the opinion of residents of, say, Virginia, where I once saw it rain 6 inches in 4 hours, but it is enough to flood streets and panic the population. Luckily, fall hasn't really started yet so there were hardly any leaves to clog the storm drains.

I have been driving my dad to doctor appointments every week or so lately, and so I am having more and more adventures with the crazy drivers in the Kaiser parking garage. Today a lady talking on her cell phone ran right through the stop sign and nearly totaled me, then was insulted by my furious and prolonged honking at her. I wish I had a speaker on the hood that would blare out my sentiments on these occasions. Perhaps that's not the best idea though.

My birthday weekend was chock full of activity and good food. On Friday night, the spouse took all four of us to an Italian restaurant and let us order whatever we wanted. The food was fabulous. Then on Saturday morning, my SIL and the girls joined me for a trip to IKEA. My SIL had never been there, so it was fun to show her around. We treated her to a meatball lunch, the girls bought things for their apartments, and I bought some sheets to use for sewing projects. Then that night was my birthday dinner at my dad's house. I had my usual birthday dinner, hamburger in mushroom soup gravy over boiled potatoes, sauteed corn, broccoli, and coconut-black-bottomed cake with ice cream.

The sewing mojo has returned, and so far has produced new curtains for the closet and back window, two aprons, two blouses for Abby, a hobo bag, and a camisole. In the works are another apron, another top for Ab, and some shirts for the spouse. All this interest in sewing means that the urge to knit has died, but I dutifully knit a row here and there on the blue socks that are still not done. Sad to say, the cafe cardigan is still sitting in the blue room flapping yarn ends and waiting for its buttons.

The new TV season has started, and shows that exhibit promise are The Middle and Hank. Hank is still wobbly but could improve into a nice show if they give it a chance.

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