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Cracking Up No More
3:32 p.m. - 2009-10-24

The house is back in construction mode. WSP had the guys come out last week and put up some drywall in the garage along with some pegboard for his tools. Yesterday Assistant Contruction Guy came and fixed some of the California cracks we had in the ceiling in various rooms. If you live where the earth moves, you get cracks here and there. I was impressed at how fast and easily he fixed them. We are waiting for the window we ordered to arrive, then the guys will finish up the window replacement. They will start tearing out the old deck on Monday. Contractor Guy says decks only last about 20 years, which is the exact age of ours. We are replacing it with composite that will not rot, supposedly, and will not have to be scrubbed and stained every few years. By the time the deck is finished the window will be here and we will have to pack up the sewing room.

Today I am going to get the chili relleno casserole ready ahead of time, which involves grating about 7 lbs of cheese and mixing it with an egg batter and some chilis. It then bakes for awhile. This is a ton easier than the way my grandmother used to make it, stuffing cheese into the roasted and peeled chili, coating the chili in an egg batter which involved whipping the egg whites, then frying them in oil. She called them "mice" because the stem of the chili stuck out of the fried relleno like a mouse tail. My mother always thought this was disgusting, since she was not fond of mice. I remember the time my unsuspecting brother got down the box of Cheerios and poured himself a mouse for breakfast. There was much screaming and carrying on at the breakfast table.

Right now I am waiting for Abby to arrive for a weekend visit, and I am knitting on the blue sock and turning the heel. I think I am starting to get the knitting mojo back. But not quickly.

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