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7:02 p.m. - 2009-12-04

This is shaping up to be a darned busy month not even counting the whole Christmas thing. This week alone I had to take my dad to three appointments, and I had the electrician out today to finish up a few things. I feel like I need a nice long period of calm with sewing and knitting to keep me company.

I think the spouse is going to start the Christmas shopping tonight since he wants to go to the hardware store for something. He will stop at another store on the way back and pick up a few things from a Christmas list or two.

The last Monk is on tonight. I'm going to miss him, but hopefully as the years go by I will be able to get all the Monk shows on DVD.

In other news, isn't it relaxing to know that man-caused global warming is a fraud/scam? I am enjoying Climategate a lot.

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