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Never a Dull Moment
7:14 a.m. - 2009-12-08

Recently at family parties at my dad's house, we would hear a thumpy bang sound and wonder what it was. There are always so many people there that we just assumed that someone slammed a cabinet door somewhere or something. This Thanksgiving, my sister was standing next to the stove holding a dishtowel in her right hand when it happened again, and the door of the gas stove blew opened a little. The dishtowel she was holding next to the stove burst into flame. How wonderful to have a stove that will set you on fire just because you are standing next to it! We impressed on my dad the importance of not using the oven until a repair could be done.

My dad called my excellent repair guy, who doesn't work on GE, so referred us to another company. They sent out a man who told us that the GE company had had a recall for this problem some years ago so he could not work on it. He gave us the number for the GE company. I have to say that the company was very efficient scheduling an appointment, and the man arrived right on time. That repair man was totally excellent, he was very nice and really knew his job. They gave my dad a very reasonable bill, and better yet, had the part in stock so we didn't have to wait while the part was ordered (this was just our good luck, since they often have to order parts). My dad was very pleased since he was convinced that he might have to get a whole new stove. And I feel better knowing that my dad will not incinerate himself or blow up the house.

It is beastly cold now. The spouse came in from scraping the ice off the car to tell me it is 26 degrees outside. There is snow on the mountain down to a very low level. Hopefully all the squirrels are dying of frost, but I doubt it.

Things are starting to shape up around here finally after the construction. Abby is trying to design a wall of shelves for me for the sewing room using IKEA items. I need to get sewing and knitting again. Next in the queue will be some pajamas in cute flannel prints for Abby. I do like sewing on flannel - it does not shift around and sews so crisply. I have ideas for new blouses, and I need to make some skirts for Ab, too.

The spouse and I have long since fallen off the healthy-eating bandwagon due to a very stressful year, but now is the time to get back on. I need to find my little crockpot and start making oatmeal every night for breakfast the next morning, and to start cooking the low-cholesterol way again.

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