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On To 2010
9:06 a.m. - 2009-12-29

Christmas wasn't so tiring this year. We have changed the name draws and are still working out the glitches, but having a $10 limit for gifts really takes away the stress and encourages creativity. Of course, in our nuclear family there were no $$ limits so that was fun, too. We got the tree up earlier than usual, and my shopping was done earlier than usual, so there was only the cooking and baking to do. Now we are in the downslide to the healthy diet and exercise regimes. I wasn't very good with either of those this year after all the stress and budget issues, not to mention our self-destructive government, so I plan to do better next year. I have a bike to ride now so should have no excuses for not keeping fit.

For the first time ever, I went shopping at the mall on the day after Christmas. I used to work in department stores, so though I may have been AT the mall on that day, no shopping or fighting the crowds (on the other side of the counter) was done. This time we were getting apparel for the spouse and were very successful. I managed to sneak over to another department and buy myself 4 pairs of my favorite non-mom jeans, so I wasn't left out of the shopping trip. And, of course, we bought Christmas wrapping paper.

This year has been very productive for me in the sewing department. Production lagged during the first half of the year, during all the worry and drama at the spouse's workplace, but once things were settled down, I swung into high gear. I have made the following items for The Year Of Abby: 7 tops, 1 pair of pajamas, 1 or 2 pairs of socks, 2 tricot camisoles and a few handbags or totes. I also made several sweaters for myself.

We are still putting the sewing room back together, and a lot of my stashes are still in the storage unit. We are planning out a wall unit to hold a lot of my books and yarn and have decided on the Expedit 4x4 from IKEA. Melissa has a black one and likes it very much. This will leave some room at the top for some colorful storage fabric cubes I have bought for yarn storage. I figure that putting the yarn up high will be better in case an earthquake knocks it down, since I doubt being buried in yarn could hurt you much. I also need to get another Anaboda chest for the girls' room to hold my patterns and sweaters. So things are coming together, and sometime soon I may have a room worth working in.

Right now I am making another pair of PJs for Ab in a cute ladybug print, and I have a skirt for her cut out of some dark brown denimy type fabric from the ancient stash. Pretty soon I will have an assortment of TNT (tried and true) patterns for both daughters that I can turn to for quick sewing. I like sewing on tricot and flannel, so I would like to branch out into some lingerie sewing, and I will be watching for the flannel sales at the fabric store.

I have a lot of ideas for things I want to sew and knit in the new year, but I don't want to stress myself with a resolution list, so I will continue just sewing what I want to when I want to, and ditto for knitting.

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