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Ligonberry Soda
7:53 a.m. - 2010-01-10

The biggest news in my humdrum life is that I have been to two IKEAs in two weeks. The important part of this is that I got to eat two meatball lunches. We did manage to find my two Anaboda white chests, so now all we have to do is put them together (!). We gave away the old TV table to a woman from the spouse's office, and are trying to donate the old desk from the girls' room. The spouse drove all the way out to the rescue mission but they had closed early on Saturday so he has to give it another try next week. We are going to get that wonderful long long desk out of my dad's house and use it for my sewing machines.

I finished up the brown denim skirt for Abby. I also hired her to set up an Etsy shop for me so I can sell some of my extensive collection of ancient patterns. Let's face it, I am not going to sew a dress that looks like it could be on the show, Dynasty, so I may as well sell all those retro patterns and make some money. I also run across old sewing and craft books at the booksales, so maybe I could sell some of those, too. Or whatever else I want, who knows.

Now I am going to make some PJs and pencil skirts for Abby. I have been looking around for a good pattern, and I just don't have one, so I am going to have to make one. I found a section in an old sewing book on skirt vents so I am going to graft a new vent onto a pattern I already had. I need to buy some lining fabric but the sale is not for a week or so, but I can still be working on the skirt shell or the PJs.

It feels funny to still have my sewing area in limbo land, and I am anxious to finish it up. We have to wait for better weather though. I want to paint the long desk white and I can't do that in the rain.

I hear from the Great J that my niece who recently graduated from nursing school has gotten a job in the southern part of the state in a lovely seaside city. I hope she is happy and successful there. My nephew has also flown the coop and headed for a job on the East coast, so we are starting to spread out across the country. I was the only one of us who used to live on the East coast, but we came back home to live.

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