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Work, Work, Work
4:42 p.m. - 2010-01-15

This week I am sewing a new pair of pajamas for Abby and doing design changes to a pencil skirt pattern. I grafted a kick pleat onto the back and am ready to cut it out. I did find several nice lengths of suiting fabric in the stash to try out the skirt, but I still have to purchase some lining fabric.

The end of this week has been spent preparing for the upcoming birthday dinner for my youngest brother. I did the grocery shopping today. My dad sent me to the Costco to buy the food for the dinner which includes hot dogs, salad fixings, and tons of cheese. He wants me to make lots of mac and cheese to be a side dish to hot dogs. A fabulous, greasy carb fest. I bought some tomatoes and cucumbers to put in the salad so we can pretend to be eating healthy. Unfortunately for me, the stupid grocery clerk stacked a bunch of stuff on top of the eggs, two of which broke and leaked on a few things. I had to do a major cleanup when I was unpacking the groceries which included throwing out two heads of romaine lettuce and two eggs and washing the car grocery holder and pouring boiling water on a few items. Salmonella does not stand a chance around me. The result of all this is good, though, because I have all the salad greens and veggies washed and ready for tomorrow. Now I just need to find several humongous pans for the mac&cheese since I forgot to get the big pan from Jason.

I am supposed to get a package today from Atlanta Thread. You know I love my cone thread, but time they were having a sale on the Gutermann, so I am stocking up on that. Really, I just wanted to buy some thread.

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