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7:48 a.m. - 2010-04-11

Well, at the birthday party for my dad, my sisters complained that I have not been updating the diary in a timely fashion, so I guess I will add another entry. It is time for a report on the dog war. The dogs did stop jumping up and trying to knock the fence down for awhile, but I did happen to glance out the back door and catch the spouse taunting them through the fence by barking at them because they were barking at him. This, though very funny, is not helpful.

Anyway, they decided to be even more annoying by digging under the fence and using my yard as a latrine, so we complained to the neighbor. I spent a morning carrying big rocks and slabs of concrete over to the dugout area and arranging them so that the dogs would be discouraged. The neighbor is trying to help by setting big concrete blocks against the fence on his side, and I haven't seen the dogs in our yard for awhile. I am thinking of sprinkling hot pepper along the dugout area, too, since that would discourage me if I sniffed up a nose full of that. I have some killer cayenne pepper.

In conclusion, I just have to say that there is savage satisfaction in taking a shovelful of unwanted yard deposit and sending it flying through the air over the fence, back where it belongs.

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