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8:17 a.m. - 2010-04-15

I was told by a nurse the last time I went in for treatment that I had been very remiss in scheduling my visits to the doctor. I thought I had been there last summer, but no, I hadn't been since fall of 2008. Somehow going to the doctor with my dad several times a month (or week) confused my brain. Anyhow, I decided to get caught up and had two appointments this week, one at the womens' health center and one with my regular doctor. Since last year and this year have been very stressful and I have not been very good about the whole diet and exercise thing, I was worried that my test results would be very bad. I am always amazed at how modern technology has speeded up that whole medical test results thing. You go to the doctor, have the tests done, and the results are on the website the very next day. Amazing. It used to take weeks to find out anything. I was glad to find out that my negligence did not make my test results horrible. In fact, I had improved in several areas, in spite of all that pizza and ice cream this last weekend at my dad's birthday party.

Today is tax day, hallelujah. Only a person married to an accountant can appreciate the happiness of tax season being over. Since tax season will be over and my cholesterol test was yesterday, the spouse has proposed that we have some wonderful cholesterol-filled dinner dishes tonight. I am thinking that spaghetti carbonara swimming in butter and cream would be a nice way to celebrate.

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