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Can't You See the Rain and Hail Am Fastly Falling
5:30 p.m. - 2010-04-20

Surprise rainstorm today. I missed most of it because it did most of its work last night, but naturally, it decided to have a downpour with hail just as I was walking out of the library this afternoon.

I have spent the last few days using up a length of fabric I got at the store-closing sale. My sister got the same fabric, so I am curious to see what she does with hers. I made a laundry bag with half of it and a handbag with the other half. Now I have to cut out the same handbag from the IKEA yardage Melissa bought. The IKEA fabric is very sturdy so maybe I can get away without putting in any quilt batting, which would make it tons easier to sew.

I had doctor appointments last week and got the results of the lab tests overnight. I was pleased to see that my scores have stayed about the same or even improved in some areas, so I decided I could have a Cholesterol Week of Happiness before I got back on the healthy lifestyle treadmill. I didn't go too overboard with my eating, but I did enjoy some top ramen and also a can of Spam (made into sandwiches and Spam Fried Rice). I had ice cream and lots of whipped cream at Jason's, and some real, not lower fat, hamburger. But now, sadly, my week is up and back I go to the healthy fats and low-fat meats and chicken.

Tonight I am going to stay in out of the rain and cut out an orange handbag, or make some more Weave-It squares or work on a sock.

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