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7:26 a.m. - 2010-04-23

I was hoping to get a lot of sewing done yesterday, but it was not to be. I did get up early and cut out the orange fabric for a handbag for Melissa, and was ready to start sewing. I did my morning chores and ran a few errands (buying a new coffee maker for my dad because Marie told me the handle fell off of the carafe he has now), and went home to sew. I had to take my dad to his doctor appointment in the afternoon, so I had a few hours to sew before that happened. Unfortunately, I got a call that the drains had backed up in the back bathroom at my dad's house, which, as plumbing disasters go, is fairly mild. I went back over there, surveyed the extremely unappetizing results of said disaster, and called my drain company. They were able to schedule an appointment for after the doctor appointment, so that was good. I am always being told that good management involves good delegation, so I decided that I do not have to be the one to do everything, so I called my younger brother and he said he could go over in the evening to await the drain guy and clean up the entire bathroom. Hallelujah, I was saved. He did a most excellent job and everything is back to normal.

I am now ready to start the construction of the orange bag. This time I'm going to use some interfacing instead of the batting because the fabrics are so sturdy. I bought some nice black zippers to be a contrast to the orange fabric and cream lining. On a whim I put a band of binding on the top of the pockets in the red bag, and I like this look so much that I am doing the same in this bag, too. There are always enough scraps left over after cutting out a bag to give the strips necessary for this technique, and it is very nice to look into the inside of the bag and see a little of the outer fabric.

Another errand I ran yesterday was to go buy two more pairs of my favorite non-Mom jeans (Lee Relaxed Fit Bootleg) in one size larger. This will be very convenient for car trips or restaurant meals when a little extra room adds to your comfort.

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