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Road Trip
6:44 a.m. - 2010-05-14

We got back last Sunday from the trip to the MidWest. My MIL wanted to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary in Memominee Falls, Wisconsin, where they were married. My brother-in-law arranged to drive them out there, set up the party at the local country club, and assigned us our tasks to complete. My husband wanted to take a road trip, so we set out on a Friday, the last day in April. I made a picnic lunch of Spam sandwiches. We drove through Sacramento and over the Sierras, and the day could not have been more beautiful. There had been snow, not enough to stick on the roads, but enough to powder the mountains and hills and make everything look like a postcard. We made it all the way to Elko the first day.

We ate dinner in the Star hotel. They always give you way more food than you can eat, and I remembered that Melissa had the beef filet the last time we were there years ago, so I decided to have it this time. It was the biggest filet mignon I have ever seen, more like a siamese-twin filet, but somehow we managed to finish it up.

After that, it was day after day of driving across Utah and Wyoming. We had an icy storm, and some snow, but we managed to drive through everything and get to Nebraska. We visited a friend of the spouse's in Omaha and went out to dinner. While on the way there, we went up the Golden Spike tower in North Platt to look at the trains.

From there, we drove and drove through Iowa and Illinois and up into Wisconsin.

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