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Bobbins and Beans
2:03 p.m. - 2010-06-12

Well, having gotten the computer sewing machine back from the shop, I look around and discover that I have no, and I mean NO bobbins at all. The tin box full of the bobbins for this machine must be languishing in the storage unit with the rest of my stuff that was removed from the sewing room during the late, great construction. I had to go out and buy some bobbins. The machine seems to be working great, though.

The spouse is out in the back yard putting together a large bean trellis made from plumbing pipe. The cucumber trellis he made years ago is one of my favorite things, though it took years for the complaining (his) to wear off over the cost to build it. He forgot, though, how much the metal pipe costs, so he came home from the hardware store complaining again that the bean trellis will cost about $125 to build. I told him that he said the same about the other one years ago, and how it has been used for years and years and is still going strong, and I expect the bean trellis to do the same. Besides, the make-shift trellis last year fell over.

I finished the white blouse for Abby and this week finished the red Hawaiian-print skirt. Now I am between projects but with lots of ideas. I need to go out and plant beans, though, as soon as the trellis is done and installed. While I was sewing the hem of the skirt by hand, I watched the movie, In Her Shoes, again. I really like that movie, except for the part where you really dislike Cameron Diaz during the first half of the movie. I didn't realize until I watched it again that the male lead is the same actor who is the doctor on Royal Pains.

I have tried out the Food Saver machine that Evan gave to me, and it is really terrific. I made some lentil soup and froze it in individual portions so I can seal it up for Jason. I can see that this is going to be fun. I have to get some more bags, though.

I just finished sorting through my leftover onion plants, trimming them up, so we can give them away to Melissa and to Joel for their gardens. Well, Melissa is going to stick them in a tub, but that's sort of a garden.

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