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Temperature Rising
7:43 a.m. - 2010-06-17

I learned something new yesterday and want to pass along some advice: Do Not Try To Go To Two Different Kaisers In One Day To Pick Up Prescriptions Or You Will Melt Down And Want To Strangle Someone. First I went to my Kaiser to get my meds and waited in line forever, because when I get up to first in line, all but one of the people behind the counter leave for some reason. Then I went to J's Kaiser to get his meds, and had to do it all over again. That time, even though they had told me on the phone that the prescription would be filled and ready on Tuesday, when I got to the counter, the girl told me that it was too soon to fill that prescription. I complained that J had only three days of meds left, so she said they would fill it. This meant that I had to go to the end of the line and wait until his name came up on the board. Once again, I inched my way to the counter. There, a young man told me they couldn't fill the prescription because they were out of the med. OUT OF THE MED??? Then he changed the story, since he was clearly lying and I wasn't buying it, and said it was too soon to fill it. I was totally furious at having been made to wait all that time for nothing, so I demanded the card back and left. When I got to J's house, I looked yet again in the bag where I put the extra meds, and found the bottle of the same med which had escaped my notice when I had gone through it before. So they were right at the pharmacy and it WAS too soon to refill, but why lie about it and tell me they were out of it? Anyway, that was a total fail.

This week was my week to make dinner for J's house, so I made a lentil soup with sliced hot dogs in it, which was very good, cucumbers in escabeche, and some zombies I had in the freezer. Abby brought some homemade twinkies leftover from her twinkie party. She had even made a vegan twinkie which was pretty darned tasty.

I finally sewed up the apron I cut out weeks ago. Abby chose the fabric she likes for a handbag like the orange one I made for Melissa, so I have to get started on that. I will be interested to sew it on the old Kenmore, back from the shop, since it handles heavy fabrics much better than lame modern machines. Abby took home the skirt and blouse I just finished, reminding me that the Year Of Abby will be drawing to a close very shortly.

Meanwhile, we have been slaving away getting the garden in. WSP built the bean trellis. He made a rectangle out of plumbing pipe, attached four 8-foot legs, and stuck it into the ground. Then we got the very tall, long piece of concrete reinforcing wire, and put it on the ground. WSP was going to use some plier-type tool to bend the wire at every square, but I showed him how you can just step on it to achieve the same result. Pretty soon we were both stomping on the cage-to-be until it was formed into the rectangular giant tomato-cagey thing. Then we got out the ladder, and WSP stood on it while we tried to insert the cage through the top of the bean trellis. It took awhile, but we did it, and now the trellis is ready. It looks much better than the one last year that fell over onto the cucumbers. Also set out the squashes and some basil, and planted lots of onions. WSP still has to dig up the back 40, and I have some winter squashes to put back there, and some tomatoes.

UPDATE: When I was buying those highly expensive bobbins to replace the missing bobbins for the computer Elna, I joked with the shop man that now I would surely find the missing ones, having bought replacements. And sure enough, there the missing box was, in the drawer of the long, long desk where I put them, then forgot them.

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