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June Days
12:25 p.m. - 2010-06-19

I spent most of this week sewing, making an apron, pincushion, and part of a handbag. I am still waiting for the Elna SU to get back from the shop. It has been languishing there for almost 1 1/2 months. That fixer guy just had to go on vacation whilst my favorite machine was waiting for his attention. At least I haven't gotten the dreaded 'Your machine has expired' phone call.

The spouse and I have been working hard in the garden, and after a week of warm weather, things are finally starting to take off. Jason says I shouldn't overdo the amount of food I grow, but I say, how can you? I have a father who wants squashes, a daughter out of work, a hungry husband, and people who like my cucumbers. And the drought is OVER. I will fill the world with veggies, herbs, and flowers.

I had a talk with Antonio, the neighbor guy, over the fence the other day. He tells me that he is worried that his two dogs may jump the fence and chomp me in their zeal to get those blankety blank squirrels. He was sad to tell me that one of the dogs actually caught and killed a squirrel, and he was taken aback when my face lit up and I congratulated him on his dogs actions. One down, six to go. Anyhow, I hate to tell him, but if his dog ever jumped the fence and attacked, it would be the end of his dog. I keep a squirter bottle of vinegar on me at all times when I am in the yard (on the advice of the animal control people), and I have no qualms about calling the police/animal control and pressing charges. No mercy, I say, because a person should be safe in their own backyard. That dog has already bitten the spouse, so they should have taken it for training. Luckily the spouse was wearing leather gloves so no harm was done(his hand was resting on the top of the fence and the dog jumped up and chomped him). Antonio wants to replace the fence with a much higher one so we will be safe, at his expense, and I say he should go for it, as long as his dogs are tied up while the fence is down.

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