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Family News
4:52 p.m. - 2010-08-06

Lots of interesting things going on in the family this week. I heard from my SIL that the other BIL is going to sell his house out in far west county and move back into town. Since they were spending a huge amount of time on the road driving back to town for church, shopping, and friends, it only makes sense. We couldn't understand why they moved way out to hell and gone in the first place. My nephew, JTFM, has quit his job and he and his wife have up and moved to a kinder state. Being from California, he just hated the sultry weather in the midwest. Fortunately, both he and his wife found new jobs the first day they looked, so he must be just dripping in luck. And my sister has gotten transferred out of her rather tough school district and into a nicer school (she is a teacher), so things are looking better all around.

I still have a big box of apples looking at me accusingly, so I guess I better get with it and make applesauce again tomorrow. In addition to that chore, I have one more double batch of jam to make and I am finished with the plums.

I spent today making a cover for my sewing machine. I thought it would be a quick sew, but I had to get fancy about it and put a handle on the top for easy removal, and that took a little longer. I used some red decorator fabric I had left over, and since I also had used this fabric for the big pillow on the bed, I have a theme going on there in that room. Not much of one, but anything helps.

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