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9:11 a.m. - 2010-08-19

Those pepper jellies certainly take a long time to firm up, but there are signs that they are getting thicker. I took some over for Eric's birthday dinner, the green pepper jelly and the apricot/cranberry/jalapeno jelly served over cream cheese with crackers, and there was absolutely none left in a short while, so I would say that they are tasty. I gave about 6 jars away, but still have a ton left. We picked the fruit from the Italian prune plum tree, but I may dehydrate some of those, otherwise don't know what to do with them.

There has been so much cooking lately that my sewing has slacked off. Yesterday it was my turn to make dinner for the J's and Jason, so I used the leftovers from Eric's birthday dinner (pot roast) to make burrito filling, made some homemade tortillas, rice, and a pie. The pie was interesting because I had a big tub of Greek yogurt to use up, so I looked up a recipe for yogurt custard pie. It had apricots in it, and since mine was a little too brown on top, I made a glaze using up the leftover syrup from canning the peaches, boiled it down and put in some cornstarch. It worked, finally, and Jane even had two pieces of the pie.

Other than the kitchen duties, I have been knitting on Abby's sock, taking the Great J to his doctor appointment and the bank, and working in the garden. The weather has been very mild this summer, and now, the days are hot but the nights are very cool. The rest of the country had a hot miserable time of it, but we had a great summer.

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