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Couch Potato Wannabe
4:02 p.m. - 2010-08-27

I think it was more relaxing when I had a fulltime job. I seem to have some chore hanging over my head every minute of the day. Today I ran the big errand for my dad, buying lots of groceries and hauling them back to his house. I unload everything by myself and put it all away, then I go home and have to do the same thing all over again for myself. Of course, I could not buy stuff for us during the Jason-food trip, but it just never works out that way. It is fun buying things for my dad because he likes to have lots of cookies in the house, and he likes me to get him things I don't usually ever buy. This leads to some interesting interactions in the supermarket. The other day I was looking for Hot Pockets. There was a nice very young married couple in the freezer section, so I asked them if they knew where the Hot Pockets were, and the husband knew the isle and section and everything right off the top of his head. So I gather that Hot Pockets are a food group for some people. Yesterday I was looking for carbonated water, which my dad asked for out of the blue, and I didn't know exactly what he meant, so I asked this really nice gay black guy in the beverage section if he knew what it was. This guy helped me find it (seltzer water or club soda) and was in general very charming. The grocery store turns out to be full of nice people (and also a few wacko creeps, but there's only been one who really scared me).

I wish I could come home and just relax, but there seems to always be some food-related chore to do. Today I had a huge bag of green beans and one of chilis to deal with. I blanched the beans and froze them, but it takes forever to trim them neatly, though the actual blanching only takes a few minutes. I roasted the chilis, then I had to open up the house because the spouse hates the smell of peppers of any kind. I still have to peel and freeze them, but I have to admit I was pleased I managed to grow so many. I was out looking at the four tomato plants, and there are some nice sizeable fruits on the plants. If they don't get ripe in time or if there are some green ones left over at the end of the season, I may be able to make the green tomato mincemeat I haven't made in years because I wasn't able to grow tomatoes.

The spouse wants to go to a booksale this weekend, and I am always glad to go with him to the library booksale. Last time I got the newest Sue Grafton book (the "U" one) in hardback in the bag sale. This means it cost me about 10 cents. I had it on the table and the spouse asked me if I had bought a new hardback, so I was pleased to tell him how inexpensive it was.

Our anniversary was this week. We have been married 38 years, though I had to stop and think about how long it had been. I regret to say that I forgot all about the anniversary because there was a lot of preparation for Abby's birthday, the shopping for gifts, baking a cake, and I also made lots of cupcakes for the spouses office the same day. Somehow the anniversary just skipped my mind. We went out to dinner to the barbecue place, and instead of getting the half platter we usually get, we each had a full platter of ribs, and that is really a good way to celebrate. I had fun getting presents for Abby. She asked for an ice cream maker attachment for her Kitch3n@id Mixer, so I look forward to some yummy desserts at her place in the future.

The spouse tells me that one lady who works in his office had had a very bad morning (that as I recall involved registering her kid for kindergarten), and after this hassle, she dragged herself into the office. She passed the lunchroom, saw the cupcakes I had made for them, and she said, "CUPCAKES! There is a God!"

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