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Waiting for Recovery November
4:35 p.m. - 2010-09-27

Hmm, haven't updated here in a long while. This month started with a business trip to San Diego, where my husband had to attend a tax convention, and I went along for the ride. San Diego has the most gorgeous weather, so while the spouse attended what must be the boringest lectures ever, I drove all around town, stopping in at antique stores, and a great sewing machine store. We had better luck with restaurants than we usually do on trips, and had several really good meals. I didn't buy much of anything except for a part for my embroidery machine at the sewing machine shop, and a few vintage patterns, and I came home with almost all my spending money intact.

On the drive home we stopped at the Reagan library, which has the most beautiful location and view I have seen in awhile. Unfortunately they are doing a renovation and a lot of the displays were unavailable, but they did have a super duper dollhouse of the White House that took up a whole room, so huge was it, though at the standard dollhouse scale.

Everywhere we go, people are talking about the upcoming election, eager to vote to express their displeasure and patriotism. Even at Kaiser this exchange:
Handsome black clerk dude: That will be $30.

Me: What??! Holy cow, you raised the fees. Stupid economy!

HBCD: The recession ended last month, I hear (disbelieving smirk).

Me: Oh right. Like we believe that. What a bunch of liars.

HBCD: Nods head at stupidity of current government and laughs. But takes the fee, now 30% higher, anyway.

The job losses in this state have been tremendous, and the suffering is vast and very real. And I have to say it, economics is not rocket science, and if they wanted to fix it, really, they would, but since they haven't, have in fact made it worse, we can draw our own conclusions.

This week, since it is too hot to do much of anything outside, I have been sewing and knitting and watching movies. Usually the movies I find at the library are about 80% duds, but this week my average is improving. The Blind Side was excellent and we enjoyed it very much. Australia, which did not get very good reviews, turned out to be a wonderful movie, and I loved it. Of course, Hugh Jackman improves anything he is in, even if he is just scenery. Next up was Avatar, which I also really enjoyed. I didn't expect to like that movie, but I am a sucker for special effects and the alien world was well thought out with lots of nice little touches.

Today I cut out another top for Melissa so now I have something new to sew, and if it is cooler tomorrow I will cut out a skirt for Abby.

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