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3:47 p.m. - 2010-10-01

Today I was already tired out by noon. I went over to my dad's house, did all my chores, then went to do the shopping for Joel's birthday party. I went out to the Winco and purchased salad stuff, and ice cream and toppings, plus a few things my dad needed. Tomorrow I will have to order a ton of pizzas. Who would think that pizzas could be so complicated? I had to call and see what Joel wanted, which is where the internet came in handy when I logged onto the menu for the pizza place, so we were able to talk specific pizzas instead of generalities. But then I have to balance the needs of one of the sib's family, who can't eat red sauce and loves that white sauce, and one sib's family that eats kosher. I'm just a plain cheese/pepperoni gal myself. I am going to make lettuce wedge salads with toppings like grated cheese, chopped tomatoes from my garden, maybe hardboiled eggs, chopped, and several salad dressings. Also some coleslaw and carrot sticks.

In sewing activities, I am sewing up a new pattern for Melissa, which looks like an easy pattern to sew, though I think it is going to require some alteration to the front bodice, but we will see when she tries on the toile. It is great when you finally get a pattern to fit because you can reuse it with confidence and less hassle. We need to get started on a pants pattern for her, too, so I can make some comfy flannel pull-on PJ bottoms to wear around the house, or what Melissa calls 'fat pants'. The world is a more pleasant place when you own several pairs of fat pants. I have some cute flannel with a sushi print all over it, and that will be perfect for her.

I made a great bag out of the leftovers from Abby's pencil skirt, a decorator fabric miniprint of black swirls on cream background. The bag is nice and large and turned out great, so now I have to cut it out of the intended fabric, a corduroy print with cute owls on it. We have only a scant yard of the fabric so I have been trying different layouts to see if the whole pattern will fit, and I think it will. The lining will be hot pink, so it will be a bag of primo cuteness.

I have other bags that have been requested, including a large travel tote made out of an origami print from IKEA with bright orange lining, and I have some striking black and white prints that would make splendid bags.

Now it is time to go rest and watch some movies, then to cook up some dinner.

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