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Oh Brother
12:23 p.m. - 2010-11-22

My present life is busy and full of excitement, but not necessarily the kind of excitement you would like. I am helping out an elderly relative, and if you think this act of kindness would bring a person good karma and rewards in this universe, you would be mistaken. So far, in addition to all the other duties, I have had to handle a broken refrigerator and the horrible mess that made, a misbehaving hot water heater, a dead car, an exploding stove, electrical problems, plumbing problems, and believe it or not, 11 other household catastrophes. This week I learned several new things: how to find out the pilot is out on the wall heater, and how to relight that model of pilot light without actually catching one's hair on fire, though it was a near thing. Today I learned how to fix and reattach the toilet seat and cover which were inexplicably on the floor (well, probably due to the really lame plastic bolts used to attach them).

But, life is marching on, and I am managing to fit in some sewing and knitting. I finished up a gray wool skirt for Abby, and now I am working on the toile for a blouse for Melissa. I used a new alteration technique for fitting the pattern, so I am interested to see if it works. I held the back up to Madame Merp, and it seems to fit very well, but time will tell.

I never go shopping on Black Friday, but I see that the flannel is on sale at Joann for $1.29 or thereabouts instead of the usual $5.99 price, so I may have to stock up for future pajama making. The sale starts at 6 am. Yikes.

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