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Busy Life
7:39 a.m. - 2010-12-10

I am not finding life much fun at the moment, because I am helping take care of a sick relative, so there are the inevitable loss of personal time, household disasters, emergency situations, and hours and hours spent on errands and doctor visits. Still, I am managing to fit in some sewing and knitting, even though my housework is a little sketchy, but then it always was. However, I have thought it over and here is my reasoning: my relative spent years taking care of someone else, and I feel my care now is payback of a good sort. There is very little justice in the universe, but I am determined that this relative will be one person to get some payback.

Right now I am working on a wool peasant blouse for Melissa, gray with mustard yellow embroidery. It is meant to be worn over a yellow turtle neck or other long-sleeved top. So far it is looking terrific, and the muslin fit really well so it should turn out great. I also bought a lot of pretty flannel at the Joann sale, so I will be making some flannel lounging pants (PJ bottoms, or fat pants, as Melissa calls them) for myself and the girls. The winter is already colder than usual, so these should be very useful. I see that Joann has put out even cuter flannel prints so I will be watching the sale circulars for future flannel sales.

One benefit of driving endlessly back and forth to the relative's house is that I get to see the fall leaves more than I usually would. This fall, being colder than other years, is really beautiful for a California fall. When I was a kid, we only had yellow leaves, but now we have red and orange too. Our fall is much later than other places, so we are at the peak now, a few weeks before Christmas.

I have not started the Christmas shopping, but the spouse wants to go out on a swift and purposeful present-buying run this weekend, finish it all up and march forth to the holiday. Now that the families have name draws and $10 limits, the shopping is much easier. Abby is doing some Christmas baking, and I plan to make zombies.

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