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A New Skill
8:07 a.m. - 2011-03-27

That embroidery machine that Eileen, my SIL, gave to me has been sitting there making me feel anxious and guilty ever since it came back from the shop. It had been in a shed or who knows where for who knows how long and was dirty and the hoop was missing, as was the cord. I took it to the shop and they fixed it all up. It is now clean and new looking. With all the stress over the health and welfare of the relative I was helping take care of, I just put the machine aside for months and months. Now that I have lots of time, I decided to actually read the manual and get started. Oh my gosh, how fun did this turn out to be! The machine works like a charm and is super easy to operate. I have already embroidered the yoke of a peasant top for Abby. It still seems amazing that you just load the machine up, press a button, and walk away while it does its job. All you have to do is come back and change the thread color now and then. That machine even has a device that threads the needle for you.

I knew that the next step was to get one of the converter machines that reads the cards and CDs on the market and converts them to a card that will fit my machine. I still had my spending money that mounted up when I was so busy with my relative, so I purchased one of the converters this week. I have been practicing putting the designs on the computer and transferring them to the blank card which comes with the machine (The Buzzbox). I did need the help of one of my computer consultants, but mostly did it myself. I knew I had kids for a reason, but I didn't know they would be such handy computer consultants. So, with this purchase and the purchase of a few CDs of embroidery designs, I successfully used up all my little stash of spending money and am now pleasantly broke.

I have been making PJs for the daughters, but now that Spring is here, I am going to be sewing blouses for the daughters and myself. Abby needs some button-front shirts, and I would love some Mexican tops for myself, too.

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