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Spring Sewing
4:02 p.m. - 2011-03-31

Holy cow, I am in some sort of creative frenzy this week with all sorts of plans and ideas swirling around. I am LOVING the embroidery machine that my SIL gave to me. When I think of how long it must have sat in a shed or wherever it languished for a few years, it makes me glad it still works, and it works great. I have acquired some embroidery programs and have started thinking of ways to use the embroidery. Already, I have a Mexican peasant blouse cut out and ready to sew, and have adjusted and traced a pattern for a top for Melissa that she says has all the fashion features she likes (It looks just like some cute tops they had at the 0ld N@vy store. I have to sew up a muslin to test the fit, but so far it looks pretty good.

I also have the shirt pattern for Abby ready to try out. I changed the one I made awhile ago from darts to princess seams, added a collar and stand, and placket and cuffs. I am supposed to be mass producing these shirts because she needs them for work.

I think I need to carry my camera with me when I go to the mall to take pics of pretty tops and blouses I see. I wonder if they get mad at you if you do that? Oh, well, it will probably be an 18 yr old salesclerk, and I can talk faster and walk faster than they can.

We had visiting relatives out from the Midwest this weekend, so I asked my nephew if I could measure his daughter (4 yrs old) so she could be a guinea pig for my child-sized Mexican peasant blouse pattern I am working on. These blouses are so much faster to make when you have an embroidery machine. Holy cow, I have an embroidery machine! I also remember that I used to make knit dresses for the Bean when she was about the same age, and still have some girly kid knits in the stash so I should use those fabrics up.

A random tulip seems to be blooming in the front flower bed, a nice unexpected gift of spring.

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