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6th Month Starts
5:08 p.m. - 2011-06-04

This has been a busy spring, and I am ready for some warm, happy weather. We are still putting in the garden, and there is a big storm going through right now with thunderstorms and heavy rain, all in the first week of June, which is unheard of. I even had the heater on last week, when I should have been running the AC for several months now. My entire cucumber crop up and expired, but no fears, I have about 50 more plants started to fill in all the gaps. If it ever warms up.

Mostly, I have been sewing and trying out the embroidery machine, learning new ways to download and store embroidery patterns, and embroidering everything I can think of. I finally perfected the work shirt (shoulder princess seams, 3/4 sleeves, button front) pattern for Abby and made two. She came home for a day to see her friends and took the shirts home before I had a chance to photograph them. Now that that chore is out of the way, I am making some Mexican peasant blouses for Melissa and some other blouses.

I haven't knitted anything in ages, so I am going to have to get busy and finish off some projects and start some new ones. I will probably need some more sweaters because it looks like this is going to be the year without a summer.

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