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Butternut Squash
9:31 p.m. - 2012-02-02

Writing is good for your brain, so writing when you really have nothing much happening to you must be excellent for your little gray cells. Today was spent puttering around the house doing a heck of a lot of stuff. It is funny how you can work and work all day long, but most of the stuff you do is invisible to anyone walking in the door. For example, if you clean out the freezer or fridge, who is going to see that, yet it takes hours to do (or so I hear). So today, I changed the sheets on the bed, laundered everything, remade the bed, and presto, everything looks exactly the same as before with no sparkling gleam like in the commercials to tell everyone how hard I worked. Then I did about 5 loads of laundry and put it all away, also invisible. The same thing with the half dozen shirts I ironed.

I tried another new recipe, this time for the spouse's office. I like to bake, but since we don't eat that much anymore, I don't have the scope for large scale baking I used to have in my large family. Instead, I will bake large cakes, lots of cookies, or sweet rolls to send to the office for the minions to munch on. My husband's company is not large, less than 30 people, so it is doable. This lets me try new recipes without having to eat it all. This time I tried out some butternut squash rolls using a recipe from the internet. I made the rolls about twice as sweet and turned them into cinnamon rolls. I used my new baking flavorings (from King Arthur Flour) and flavored the rolls with butter and orange, and used not only cinnamon but some nutmeg, too. They were delicious, and the spouse says the container of rolls was empty by lunch time.

Because of this altruistic hobby, I am now the owner of large Tupperware-type carry containers for cakes and cupcakes so the spouse can heft goodies to the office. I have become quite popular at the office.

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