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8:32 a.m. - 2012-02-04

Today I am working on some patterns and thinking about the weird dream I had last night. We were all captured and held prisoner in, get this, Ross Perot's mansion on a wild island which had scenic scenery and thousands of tourists taking boat rides up the river, etc. Anyway, the strange part of this was RP's wife, who was middle aged with dark hair and a tremendous love of navy blue. Everything in the house was painted navy, floors, walls, furniture. She showed us around and was so proud of the gloomy place.

I haven't thought of Ross Perot in decades, must be the election cycle doing a thing on my brain.

We are trying to reduce our clutter, so I try to do a declutter project every day. Yesterday I cleaned out the brown tote I used to use to carry my art supplies to the quilt meetings when I was the pin-making lady. The tote is in great shape, so I will either use it to carry my garden tools or donate it to the Legacy thrift shop. After my strange dream, I had an unrelated thought about the shelf unit in the dining area where I store my garden seeds. I need to clean that all out, and then I can use it to put the extra canned goods that don't have a home yet.

Well, back to work. I will listen to the end of my book-on-tape while I make the bed and do the alterations on a pattern.

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