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Mad Skillz
3:18 p.m. - 2012-02-13

The husband hurt his shoulder recently, and has put off going back to the doctor for a checkup on it, but then, it is tax season. Anyhow, he hurt it again a little this morning, reminding himself to make an appointment. He was recently assigned to a primary care physician in a town many miles away (halfway to Sacramento, in fact) so he has had to try and get it changed to one in town. This was obviously some error or other, but it was just another hassle for him. Anyway, I got a call from him this morning from the office telling me he had changed to a local physician but was having a hard time making an appointment online. He asked me to make the appointment for him because I have spent many years wrangling the system at this healthcare provider, and I have mad skillz in this area. It was true that the new doc had no available appointments until late March if you believed the computer site, but one phone call and 5 minutes later and I had a lovely appointment with the new doc for tomorrow afternoon. And it's Monday, too, the day everyone clogs the phone lines because they hurt themselves over the weekend.

We have been trying to declutter, so my project for today was to process the latest batch of paperbacks and books-on-tape I got at the library booksale. By process, I mean that I wipe all the books down and iron them a little because I like my books to feel clean and not sticky. That only took a little while, and now I have a whole set of Sue Grafton mysteries and a set of Dick Francis books-on-tape. I also found a place to put the jam I made over the weekend and went out and bought a bunch of black cardboard storage boxes. I still have lots of binders and papers from the estate settling for the time being, and I figure they will look less tacky stored in black boxes tucked in a corner than the various printed xerox boxes they are in now. I hope they will, anyway.

The embroidery machine came back from the shop but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I have plans, though. This afternoon I am busy making a cake for the spouse's office, mostly because it is Valentine's Day tomorrow and I got some cool sprinkles at Walmart to put on the frosting. I'll have to go back in a few weeks and see if they have some St. Patrick's sprinkles. Sometimes I make cupcakes for the office, but today I don't feel like frosting three dozen little cakes, so a sheet cake it is. I should also make the spouse some Valentine's choco chip cookies. But maybe I'll watch a movie instead.

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