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4:39 p.m. - 2012-02-29

My church does various and assorted work to help eradicate human trafficking, and there is a fundraising sale coming up in May. We are all contributing items to the sale, and the leaders have given me a huge bag full of donated (really good quality and pretty) fabric to turn into bibs, clothing, handbags, or whatever. Luckily the sale is not until May, so I don't have to feel pressured at all. I'll just fit it in around my other sewing.

This week, I decided to accept an invitation from a church lady who sells Mary Kay to have a consultation. The sad fact is that I have never done anything for my skin except wash my face, and time marches on. I now have a nice set of products to make me glow with youth and health. Well, one can hope.

This weekend Younger Daughter is coming to dinner and bringing a friend, so I have been trying to figure out what to cook. I am a little tired this week, so don't want to make a big production. Today I thought of using my giant Crockpot thingy to make some BBQ ribs, and that way I wouldn't have to slave away in the kitchen all day. It also occurs to me that a fancy meal can be intimidating, but it is easier to meet new people when the food is casual. I remember when I had my first meal with my future inlaws, and they served corn on the cob. It is hard to feel out of place when everyone is chomping on corn because it is just sort of friendly.

I have been trying lots of new recipes lately including one this week for potato pancakes (latkes). Whenever I made them before they were merely OK, but the recipe from Smitten Kitchen had you wring the grated potatoes and onions out in a towel or cheesecloth, and that made all the difference. When you take out the extra water, the pancakes fry up nice and crisp.

Aside from sewing, the long set-aside afghan that I was crocheting is being worked on again. There will be about 96 squares when it is done, and I have completed and attached about 64 of them. The end will shortly be in sight, but then I have to think of a border pattern to use. This is only the second afghan I've ever crocheted.

We got the two new rosebushes planted, and they are still alive. With the usual timing, we planted them on a warm sunny day that changed suddenly and frosted up during the night, so I was afraid they might have been damaged, but no, they are still looking OK. All that's left to plant is a new peach tree.

Time to go do my chores and cook dinner.

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