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The Peach Tree Is Blooming
3:48 p.m. - 2012-03-11

Last week I went on my usual jaunt to Sebastopol. With gas prices rising with every breath our exalted leader takes, I may not be able to drive up there every month in my usual way, but will have to be a bi-monthly visitor. Every time I drive through town, I see the Sequoia Burger stand off to the left, and I keep meaning to stop and have lunch there on the way home, but I always speed right by it before I have noticed it in time to stop. This time I was determined, though, and managed to spot it before it was a speck vanishing in my rearview mirror. It turns out that it is very nice inside and serves up a great burger. I also ordered a small fries, and for me, a girl who eats every fry in the vicinity if she can, to say that the small size fries was more than I could eat really tells you something.

Last week I finished sewing the fruit and veggie bibs for the church sale and took them to the ladies' meeting to give to the leader. She was very impressed with them, but hopefully not impressed enough to give me more to sew, because that about used up any bib goodwill I had. It reinforced for me the reason I put velcro on bibs, because sewing nine sets of bib ties is excruciatingly finicky and boring. Sewing projects for this week are the curtains for A's kitchen windows and a top for M. A bought some very long canvas curtains from Target, so she needs them shortened and wants me to embroider them with robots to match her kitchen.

On the way back from Sebastopol, I took a detour and drove out of town in the other direction to go to the nursery. This nursery is the only one I have seen around here that has lots of seed starting flats and equipment. I picked up some flats and inserts, some seeds, strawberry plants for under the apple tree, and some strangely cheap seedlings of Walla Walla sweet onions. In the catalogs, a bundle of 100 seedlings of good size (and these were nice and large compared to the small hairlike ones I grow) will run you $11 or $12, but these were only $2.50. Who knows why, but I bought two sets and spent yesterday setting them out in the garden. Walla Wallas are not good keepers, but if you are just going to pull one up and cook it right away, that is not a problem.

The new peach tree is still lifeless, so I don't know yet whether it will make it or not. The nursery we (I mean 'I') bought it from has a questionable track record, so we shall just have to wait and see.

I got my hair cut, and once again my bad hair karma was strong. I asked for shoulder length, and it is now just below my ears. Why don't these hairdressers listen to me?? Anyway, I have been experimenting with it for a week and now have figured out how to make it into a slight flip that isn't to cutesy curly, and I have gotten two unsolicited complements, so I guess it isn't a total disaster. It makes me realize, though, that I could use some more winter hats to cover up my hair in the rainy weather. I pinned a few beret patterns onto pinterest to remind me. I have some nice yarn I could use, just need to do it. Melissa has made me some nice wool hats, but I would like to have some hats in lots of colors, like acid green and mustard, purple, aqua, etc.

This week I am watching Pie In The Sky, a British mystery show about a policeman who also runs a restaurant. I really like it, and was glad to see that Netflix has acquired several more seasons for me to rent. Now I am going to go watch it and crochet on the neverending afghan.

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