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Rainy Weather
7:24 a.m. - 2012-03-17

I hate the rainy weather even though it is totally necessary in the scheme of things. We are having a big blockbuster storm this week, so I can't clean out the greenhouse thingy or start my seeds. Instead, I am gearing up to sew some items for a church fundraiser, and to start the big destashing. There comes a stage in life when you realize that you are never going to sew up all that fabric, so you may as well send it along to help someone else. I do love my stash though. Melissa says I have not reached the stage of being a hoarder because there are not piles of stuff everywhere, and no dead cats under everything. And everything is clean.

In between the fundraiser sewing, there are the regular sewing projects for myself and the girls. I also want to start up the knitting machine again, so that end of the sewing room has been cleaned up and even the chair in front of the knitting machine is empty. I have several sets of ribbings all ready to be hung on the machine. The crochet afghan is also moving right along. I only have about a dozen more squares to make and about 5 more rows to sew on. Then the border will be added and I will be done. I have lots of scrap yarn to get rid of or use up, so I have decided to forgo the granny squares next time and make one of those zigzag afghans. I've never done one of those so I want to make one up in colors like a sarape. There will be ends to sew in but no sewing the squares together, and that sounds good to me.

Today is St. Patrick's Day, so yesterday I went out to buy the yearly corned beef and cabbage. I got an OK one at the Safeway but it was rather small, so I went over to the Lucky's which was having a good sale. Unfortunately, the sale was so good that they were all out. People must have swarmed over them like locusts because I never heard of a store being completely out a day before the event. I'll have to go to the Costco and get another one, even though that $hen$on brand had big globs of fat on the meat pieces, effectively adding weight to the package and raising the price. This economy has brought out the worst in suppliers as they struggle to survive.

They are finally showing the next season of Doc Martin, and I forgot to record the first one. Not much must have happened because I was able to pick up the story right away with the second episode. Even though I am home all day, I don't watch much TV at all. Instead, I listen to the radio or books-on-tape. Murder mysteries are especially good to sew by. I do chores or sew until my back is tired, then I go sit down at the computer and have fun looking at Pinterest. I have found links to lots of useful tutorials and recipes, and lots of design ideas. It also gives other people an idea of your taste so that gift giving is easier for them in the future.

I accidentally overbought bread this week, and there is no room in the freezer, so I think I will make french toast for dinner. Fruit salad, french toast, and a side of fried Spam. Excellent!

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