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Crockpot Tales
10:50 a.m. - 2012-03-19

The corned beef for dinner yesterday turned out very good indeed. That was the first time I've made it in a crockpot, and it was so easy and good that I'll always make it that way from now on. You just put it in the pot with the seasoning packet and a little water and that's it. I didn't cook the cabbage or potatoes in the same pot. I sauteed the cabbage using the Barefoot Contessa recipe, and boiled the new potatoes early in the day. At dinnertime, I cut the potatoes in half and sauteed them in a little butter. Easy and good. We invited my mother-in-law to dinner, so the spouse went to pick her up. She had a good time and complimented the meal. Apparently she had had a St. Pat's Day lunch at her retirement community lunchroom with a friend and the food was cooked without seasoning. This caused my meal to get high marks by comparison.

This week I am finishing up that top for M and rounding up all the auditioning fabrics I had around in big piles. I managed to move the ironing board and open the cupboard doors in the sewing room and discovered a shelf that was not very full. I did managed to get all the fabric into the shelf and now the chair in front of the knitting machine is empty and ready for use.

Well, back to my sewing.

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