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Seed Starting
11:23 a.m. - 2012-04-09

This has been a cold, wet spring, so the seed starting is late. I can remember years when I started seeds in February, but not this year. This weekend the spouse mowed the lawns for the first time in a month or so, and suddenly, the jungle looks nice and neat. I love the first mow because the change is so dramatic. My two rose bushes are hanging in there, and one has buds on it! The peach tree I bought from the local nursery was dead on arrival, though, and lives up to their reputation for unreliable goods. The spouse says never to buy a tree from them again.

I was sewing robots onto some kitchen curtains for A when the machine gave a squeal and died, so back into the shop it went. It looked like I wouldn't get it back for about 4 weeks since one of the fixer brothers was going to be gone on vacation, but today I got the call that it was done. I told the girl in the shop that I could not clean the bobbin because they had the cover plate screwed on so tight, and she showed me this amazing little screwdriver device that is only about an inch square and fits in hard-to-reach nooks on the machine, which this is. I bought one and now can easily open the plate. I'm a little nervous about finishing up the robots lest they kill the machine again, but the curtains have to be finished, and I may as well do it while the 90-day warranty is still in effect.

We had a very nice Easter dinner over at the brother-in-law's place. A brought her boyfriend, and he has amazing social skills that impressed me. He didn't seem nervous at all meeting all the assorted family members for the first time. The food was very good and even though I usually can take or leave the ham, this year it was moist and delicious. I brought the rolls, macaroni salad, and coleslaw. We were discussing my other BIL's cooking philosphy (he does the cooking in their house) that every savory thing is improved with the addition of bacon, something every eater can approve of.

Last Saturday, Melissa, my MIL, and I went to Sebastopol to the craft thrift shop. They are having a warehouse sale soon so I will have to go back for that. My MIL had a great time and enjoyed the ride very much. She is good company and we enjoy listening to her stories about the olden days. This time she was describing rural life before the advent of refrigerators. I also took them to the thrift store outside of town, to the bead store in Cotati, and to the hamburger stand in Petaluma. I love sweet potato fries.

This week I am going to be sewing and seed starting, so I'd better quit wasting time on the computer.

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