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Steam Cleaner
7:54 a.m. - 2012-05-25

This has been a busy week. The spouse was away on business so I used the alone time to do several chores I have been putting off. The first one is to master the serger. Every day I read the manual a little and learn about the machine. This is not a simple machine, and I am mastering it step by step. The second thing was to clean the bedroom rug. The rug had gotten so dingy that it was depressing me every time I saw it. My MIL gave us a rug cleaner machine when she downsized, and it has been sitting in the garage for several years. One of the things I love about the internet is that you can look up online for manuals that have gone missing. I printed off the manual and spent one afternoon cleaning the rug. I didn't think that cheap little machine would really work, but it really did. I sprayed the bad spots with windex, which seemed to help get them out, and now I am not ashamed for people to see the bedroom rug. It certainly was a better cleaning job than the last time I hired a firm to clean it, or when I rented a machine, and was incredibly cheaper. You'd come out ahead buying the rug cleaner (which only costs about $100) and using it 4 or 5 times even if it gave up the ghost and died on you after that.

The garden is about halfway in, waiting for the second plot to be dug up. One fun thing I am doing is starting the orphan seeds that have fallen to the bottom of my seed containers. They are now a bunch of mystery seeds that have fallen out of their packets, so it is fun to start them, especially the flowers, to see what happens.

Another project in the works is to put down some paving stones along the fence so that we have a place to put the garbage cans. Most people store their cans along the side of the house, but our neighbor's bedroom window looks out right there, and I wouldn't want the odor d'garbage to make his life miserable in hot weather. Right now the containers are just sitting on the lawn, so it would be nice to have a place for them away from the clothesline.

Still battling the squirrels, but I am hopeful that I will manage to get a few apples this year if I am diligent.

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