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Hot Weather
10:15 a.m. - 2012-06-22

The spouse took me to the rodeo in Reno. The ride up over the Sierras was gorgeous, and there was even a tiny bit of snow left on some peaks. We stopped in some small towns looking for a donut shop, and never did find one. We have both been somewhat tired from overwork, so we realized that we wouldn't make it to the evening program at the rodeo, since we would probably fall asleep during the show, so we went to the afternoon trials. We saw the horses put through their paces and some cow roping. There were some young kids participating, too, and they were often as skilled, or more skilled, than the adults. It was great fun. There was also a merchant mall on the mezzanine, offering all sorts of Western apparel, and it convinced me that cowgirls must love sparkles and bling.

After the rodeo, we went to Dillards, a most beautiful department store whose stock is totally different from what we can get at similar stores in the Bay Area. I got two new dressy blouses and about 9 new house dresses. I am a big fan of the house dress. The dresses we got were the Go Softly brand, which makes a fantastically comfortable denim 'patio' dress. The denim dresses are easy to wear, modest, and not too 'old lady looking'. Well, my daughters may not agree with that, but I vote for comfort over beauty when I am scrubbing dishes and hanging clothes. I've always hated confining clothes for some reason.

On the way home, we stopped at the Amador Flower Farm and got a few more daylilies and some other plants. It was very hot there, so we didn't get to walk around much looking at the blooming daylilies. When we got back home, the neighbors told us that it had been 110 degrees the day before, but we missed it all, ha ha. It was very pleasant in Reno.

We were very late putting in the garden this year but it seems to be trying to make up for that by growing like gangbusters. I've already harvested a huge bowl of cucumbers, put up the apricots, and it looks like the plums will be ripe in a week or two. It's also time to make some pesto since the basil grew like crazy. This means it is the time of year when I have to clean out the chest freezer, not a job I love.

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