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Blankety-blank Dentists
5:00 p.m. - 2012-07-12

I like my dentist, I really do, but boy, do I hate going there. I don't really like the hygienist much because I don't like getting scolded. They are always telling me to do more of this and that more often, but I've never had a filling so I must be doing something right. Today was my lucky day, however, and the hygienist was short on time so I think she raced through the cleaning and was done very swiftly. I was out of there in no time. Still don't like her though.

This week has been hot so I have been staying inside doing some sewing. I made several tops for Melissa, so to avoid sibling warfare I had to start some projects for Abby. We decided she needed some denim skirts in the dark navy denim, so I bought some from the fabric store since the only denim I had was too heavy. I managed to cut three skirts out of the length I bought and am almost done sewing the second skirt. I am using two different patterns, two skirts from a gored skirt pattern and one from an A-line skirt pattern. The gored skirt is sort of girly and twirly and is good for summer wear. Denim is such a good neutral.

The spouse arranged for workers to knock down and cart off the old fence in the backyard. It was covered with ivy which made it a haven for various undesirable wildlife, so I was glad to see it go. Now, though, we can see the neighbors and they can see us, so we have to be thinking about some sort of screen or replacement fence. Meanwhile, their dog is having conniption fits at the sight of me. The neighbors seem to be always there, so there is no way I can give the dog a behavior-changing blast from the hose. Maybe he will get used to the fact that I have a right to be in my own yard. The neighbors had a chainlink fence on the other side of our old fence, so there is still a barrier between us and them. Yesterday I watched a squirrel try to run along the spiky top of the chainlink, and you could almost see him going 'Oooch, ouch, ouch!' all the way. So that part is good. Now they will have to find a different way to get around to do their mischief.

I finished putting up the plums and made applesauce. I don't know where all the tops of my plastic containers went, but they are all missing. I assume the spouse stored them out in the garage in a passing fit of cleanliness, but it turns out to be a lucky happenstance. I had to use quart-sized ziplock bags instead, and my, they take up sooo much less room. You can stand them up or lay them flat, and I don't understand why it takes up so much less room but it surely does. That is the way of my applesauce future. Maybe it is because you have to leave headroom in the plastic containers, but the plastic bags don't pop open when the contents freeze. Or something.

Time to think of something to cook for dinner. Usually when it is hot we just make sandwiches, but it occurs to me that I forgot to make or buy bread. I guess I'll make some salmon since the spouse likes that and I may not have bread but I do have a lemon.

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