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August Already
12:18 p.m. - 2012-08-09

The rest of July kind of got away from me, and now Fall is on the horizon. I have been sewing a lot and am currently in a creative frenzy of color combinations and a revived interest in crochet. While surfing around on the internet, I chanced on some photos of the African Flower motif and decided to give it a try. Right away I was hooked (so to speak) since the motif is much more interesting than a Granny square and has wonderful possibilities for color mixing. There are some gorgeous things out there that people are making, and one that both Melissa and I love has lovely warm colors of yellow, red orange, red and all their variations on a silver gray background. I would never have thought of a gray background, but wow, a lot of colors look great on it. That will be for some future project because right now I am making a small afghan on a cream background with bright pinks, reds, and gray blue.

My MIL is downsizing and the spouse is helping her clear out some storage cupboards. He brought me a bag of old linens and included in the bag was an unfinished afghan crocheted in various dye lots of cream-colored yarn. It looks like one of those 'Mile-a-minute' afghans, but the piece was narrow and very long, about 36" by 80". I gave it several good washings since who knows how long it was in the cupboard, then found some cream-colored yarn and crocheted on a border. It really turned out nicely in spite of the odd size. It works as a lap robe and also as a very warm shawl.

My niece invited my sisters and I to a High Tea at Lovejoy's Tea Room in the City. We really had a good time. I had thought that one would leave a tea a little hungry and have to head to a burger place afterwards, but they give you so much food that you can't really finish it all. There were little sandwiches, unlimited pots of interesting teas, salad, cole slaw, fruit, crumpets, petit fours, and scones. We had such a good time that we are going back soon and taking all the girl cousins.

The dog in back of us still hates our guts and tries to attack us through the chainlink fence, but I just stand there and give him the eye, and pretty soon he starts looking away and backing up. I am the pack leader in this outfit, and the sooner he realizes this the better it will be for him. All that's waiting for him on this side of the fence is a face full of water and/or vinegar and a trip to the pound.

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